Predictive Analytics
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  • Identify high-value prospects
  • Identify attractive customer segments
  • Understand seasonal patterns
  • Develop budget scenarios
  • Reallocate staff by skill-set

Case Prioritizerᵀᴹ

Prioritize work volumes using pattern recognition algorithms to maximize yield rates, optimize workflow, and reduce unit costs

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Sales Prophetᵀᴹ

Estimate granular market size and analyze client performance to develop sales potential at product, demographic, and zip-code levels

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Optimally align skillsets and determine staffing requirements by function while adjusting for complexity, seasonality, cross-training, etc.

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Intelligent Goal Setter

Automatically set and assign sales goals and expense allowance by territory, product, and customer / size segments

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E-Commerce & Retail

  • Optimize product recommendation & pricing
  • Incorporate digital behavior in sales strategy
  • Integrate physical and digital experience
  • Predict product return propensity
  • Drive customer loyalty
Operations product Tablet


Predict propensity of purchase returns to refine loyalty programs, improve customer experience, and drive profitable sales

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Predict sales, revenue, attendance and work volume using historical patterns and emerging trends

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Recommend products to targeted customer segments and improve up-sell/cross -sell probability and customer experience

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Financial Services

  • Increase productivity
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Assess and analyze scenarios
  • Automatically set and assign sales goals
  • Identify high-growth customer segments
New Business Underwriting Overview

Sales Prophetᵀᴹ

Estimate market size, determine client-specific sales opportunity, and allocate sales goals by territory, product, and customer segment, etc.

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Sales Force Builder

Design sales territories and org structure, identify markets with maximum growth opportunities, and optimize sales & marketing footprint

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Scenario Planner

Assess and analyze scenarios pertaining to new initiatives to determine impact on financials, staffing, and unit costs

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Custom Solutions

Looking for a different product to help your organization? We have an extensive portfolio of proprietary solutions and toolkits across many general and niche initiatives, including call center optimization, service level tracking, strategic sourcing, etc. Whatever your business priorities are, contact Spinnaker Analytics today to find the solution that will fit your needs.

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