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Spinnaker Analytics was formed out of a professional services organization with decades of successful experience helping senior management at leading corporations improve strategic performance. Our combination of deep domain expertise and strong analytical capabilities paved the way for customizable products and solutions that yield rapid, actionable decisions across many facets of businesses.

Our Approach

We build predictive models and analytical tools that combine historical business data, robust algorithms, and decades of industry and functional expertise to tackle business challenges effectively and undertake strategic initiatives profitably. While traditional solutions require significant upfront investment and create uncertainty in ROI and timing, Spinnaker Analytics employs a "rapid prototyping" approach using readily available data to deliver quick wins at a fraction of the cost. As a result, clients maximize their ROI and have the option of adding discretionary enhancements in the future.

Rapid Prototyping

Our tools help leading insurers including Life, supplement, P&C identify high priority prospects, improve internal workflows efficiency and effectiveness, and optimize workforce allocation.

Our Clients

We provide tools and solutions to asset management, insurance, private equity, banking, retail and various other Fortune 1000 corporations. Our clients have used these tools to improve their performance in various ways, such as growing their sales, identifying new markets, and managing expenses. What business challenges and opportunities can Spinnaker Analytics solve for you?

Our Team

The Spinnaker Analytics team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience in management solutions. This experience combined with analytically rigorous academics enables us to understand the intricacies of the challenges and opportunities facing complex environments.

We've helped companies all over the world improve their performance. Our offices in 6 major cities across the globe enable us to serve clients on every continent. We have access to targets and resources/expertise in diverse geographies.

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