Who We Are

We specialize in custom analytics tools for leading companies across industries. We combine data science with pragmatic business experience to develop advanced — yet intuitive — solutions for our clients, simplifying decision making and accelerating results.

Our broad portfolio of customizable products and solutions address many operational and strategic topics, including sales, new market identification, budget planning, resource management, vendor governance, and much more.

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What We Do

 E-Commerce & Retail

Technological innovation is rapidly changing retail; leverage predictive analytics to make strategic decisions in a changing business landscape.


Our tools help leading insurers identify high priority case prospects, improve their workflows, and optimize workforce allocation.

Financial Services

We help you identify market opportunities, assess and analyze financial targets, and zero in on high-growth industry segments.

Why Us

User Friendly

No training needed, no additional software required. We code every product into basic systems so that anyone in the organization can uncover key insights right out of the box.

Compelling Graphics

Eliminate any guesswork. Our data visualization is captivating and easy to understand, so you get to insights and decisions sooner.

Easy to Install

Run uninterrupted. There is no need for any systems integration. We build each model to dovetail with your existing systems.

Data Privacy

We know your data is sensitive. Every product is installed on a local machine, so your data is not stored online or in the cloud where it could be compromised.

High ROI

Fly under the procurement radar. Our products are cost-effective and won’t require an RFP process. Best of all, you will experience exponential returns on investment.


Skip the cookie-cutter approach to software. We work closely with each client to make sure every product is built to their unique specifications.

What Our Customers Say

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